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The adorable features of online casinos

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The second name given to online casinos is virtual casinos. In other words virtual casinos are online version of the physical or traditional casinos. Further online casinos can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Web based casinos: the casinos in which you have to register yourself and you can play the game online. You need an internet connection on your pc or laptop to access these websites. The games here are generally flash games with a html interface. These games are not supported by Mac books.
  • App based: in this particular type of casino you need to have a smart phone or a pc equipped with android players. To play games in these type of casinos you need to download the android application. When compared to the websites (web based casinos) applications run faster. Therefore app based casinos are more efficient.

Websites like offer a wide variety of games like roulette, poker, slot machines, craps, black jack, sic bo. You have to register yourself on the website and you are open to several games. Website also provides free bonus to the new users. Some games involve the coins and credits while some involve real money.

How online casinos work?

Online casinos use a number generator which determines the unique number to be displayed when you throw dice or rotate the spinning wheel. When you give the instruction of throwing a dice an algorithm containing mathematical string starts executing. In simpler words the deals here are machine controlled and you cannot see the execution process. While some casinos have a feature of video conferencing i.e. they provide you with live dealer who deals in front of your eyes. Also they can text chat with the dealer to take various decisions. This feature is that much adorable that is makes you feel like you are playing in the physical (traditional casinos).

Are online casinos expensive?

The casinos which provide you with the feature of video chat are a bit expensive that the simpler ones. This feature requires more hard work in technicality therefore more staff is required in this. It is completely your choice to opt for the video or not. You can opt for text only option in case you are not willing to pay much for the video thing. Also, all games are not available with this video feature.

Also there are some fraud casinos which do not withdraw money of the winners.


Know all about casino games

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Online casino games list gives you everyinformation you need to know about every game played at casinos. There are hundreds of games played at a casino. Some of the most popular games are Baccarat, Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo etc.

Each game is different and has its own strategies and give clients utmost excitement and thrill. Brief about some of the games is given below for you to have general awareness about the game.

  • Slots: Slots is a game of luck. This usually is a machine with a lever. Player willing to play need to pull the lever, which sets the three rollers in motion. Every roller has pictures on it. The pictures displayed on the rollers when they halt decide if you are a winner or not. This game is simple and can be played by kids as well.
  • Poker: Poker is a card game which usually has five cards on the table and two cards with every player. Usually the player with the highest hand wins the game. Play bingo, slots and other games at
  • Roulette: A wheel is rotated which has numbers and colours on it. Players bet on these numbers or colours. A small ball is rolled in the opposite direction and when the wheel stops, the ball falls into a particular socket deciding the winner
    • Bingo: Every palyer buys one or more cards which has numbers printed on it. Dealer calls out number and if the number announced is listed on your card you need to strike it out. The players who finishes first is declared as the winner. Get as much thrill and excitement as you wish from an online casino website.

Knowing that there is constant customer service and support at the AllSlots Mobile casino is just one of the characteristics of this casino that makes it one of the most respected and revered online mobile casinos today, offering an excellent range of games and great bonuses.